Eye tracking technology is a sensor technology that has the ability to detect a person’s presence and track where they are looking in real time. This technology converts eye movements into a data stream that includes data such as pupil position, gaze vector of each eye and gaze point. Essentially, this technology makes sense of eye movements and converts them into information that can be used for different applications or as an additional input method.

Typically, an eye-tracking system consists of one or more cameras, some light sources and computational capabilities. Algorithms convert the camera image into data points using machine learning and advanced image processing.

To fulfill its mission to improve the world with the principle of “anyone, anywhere, any device”, Tobii has developed its eye tracking solutions to work for the widest possible population, in different work environments and on a variety of machines and devices such as laptops, tablets and even vehicles. It also covers VR and AR headsets and specialized medical, education and training systems.
Our solutions are designed to meet the granular data needs of scientists, address the mobility and low data requirements of commercial application developers, and provide users with a seamless experience that protects their privacy and integrity.
While it is relatively easy to develop an eye-tracking system that works in a controlled environment, it is not an easy task to create a system that meets the “anyone, anywhere, any device” principle.

Eye tracking technology embedded in the interface or interior of a device captures a person’s eye movements and features, calculating various useful data points such as eye position, pupil size, presence, attention level and gaze point. This data can be used by an application for device interaction or problem solving.

Eye tracking technology can be used in many different fields. From scientific research to consumer marketing, from business training to integration in your own products, eye tracking is a versatile tool. Discover where eye tracking technology can be used and how it can enhance your research or platform.

The Tobii design team has produced a short video showing what can be done with eye tracking technology. The video shows how to select objects, zoom in, pan, pan, and perform quality inspection using the eyes as a control mechanism.