The HICO iPS.Suite® portfolio supports you in the end-to-end implementation of business processes for Integrated Product Support (IPS) or Integrated Life Cycle Support (ILS). This central One-Stop-Solution supports you in analyzing, creating, processing and managing your technical-logistical IPS/ILS deliverables.

The main objective is the seamless integration of the different IPS-disciplines in ONE central IPS-repository and the continuous traceability and integrity of the IPS-/ILS-datasets. The single-source principle is applied consequently and works in a monolithic solution, which does not require any system-internal data exchange – system breaks are avoided. HICO iPS-Suite® is the HICO-Lead Brand and represents the complete HICO-Standard Software or HICO IPS-Business Applications as part of the HICO-Product Portfolio.

The HICO IPS-Software is modular in design. Seamless integration of all IPS-disciplines is ensured with ONE solution without additional interfaces.

HICO is the first vendor worldwide to offer the ASD/AIA S-Series IPS Specifications and the ATA eBusiness-Program as an integrated solution. The HICO IPS-Business Applications based on ALL these IPS/ILS specifications have been proving themselves in productive use since 2017.

The HICO iPS.Suite® is the only internationally established IPS-Business Solution that already supports the holistic application of these specifications.

The HICO-Business Model takes into account that individual solution bundles and modules can be purchased as appropriate to their needs. This means that the solution bundles and software modules of the HICO IPS.Suite® can be licensed in different, use case driven product configurations. These can be combined and expanded at any time in a solution-oriented manner.

The HICO-Product Philosophy supports you in cost-optimized licensing of your product configuration while ensuring a sustainable holistic solution approach.

HICO iPS.Suite® is designed as an Integration Platform and can be easily and effectively integrated into your process and system landscape.

The HICO-Product Portfolio is extended by complementary third-party technologies, which broaden the possible application scenarios.

HICO solution bundles support the IPS-discipline Technical Data (Technical Documentation)

With more than two decades of experience in Technical Documentation, using HICO-tools in this context means that the HICO-experience becomes your specialist knowledge.

We offer a variety of solution bundles that fulfil any business requirements.

The HICO solution bundles for the IPS-discipline Technical Data/Technical Documentation (TEDD) covers all products for authoring, management and milti-channel publishing of Technical Documentation according to specific TechDoc-specifications.

Additionally, defined processes and functions of the IPS-discipline Supply Support & Provisioning (SUSU) are integrated for the efficient preparation of Interactive Electronic Technical Documentation (IETD). Furthermore defined field-tested and well known IETP-applications are part of the TEDD-Solution Bundles.

Product variants of HICO TEDD‐Solution Bundles

Choose the market-leading products for the IPS-discipline Technical Data/Technical Documentation (TEDD) appropriate to your specific needs and requirements.

The key differentiator of the product variants is the ability to process the different TechDoc specifications of the S-Series of IPS Specifications or the ATA e-Business program. The second major differentiation is whether SGML processing is a requirement in addition to XML processing.

The HICO S1000D-Suite™ solution bundle primarily supports the S1000D TechDoc specification.

The HICO TEDD-Solution Bundles have the unique selling point that you can basically process any type of XML schema via a simple configuration.

The HICO TechDoc-Suite™ solution bundle also supports other specifications of the ATA eBusiness program (e.g. ATA iSpec 2200, ATA Spec 2000) in addition to the S1000D specification.

This solution is also characterized by the fact that company standards can also be processed. An example is the “iETD-ExportStandard” from “thyssenkrupp Marine Systems (tkMS)” which is used in marine projects.

The HICO-PSA-Suite™ is the HICO IPS-Business Application for performing Product Support Analysis (PSA) with the objective of developing cost-efficient Support Concepts. This includes sustainable Maintenance Concepts for complex technical systems with a long operating lifespan.

Powering Supportability Engineering & Product Support Analysis (PSA)

The HICO PSA-Suite™ is the world’s leading system for centralized computerized data processing of your Supportability Engineering & Product Support Analysis (PSA) processes.
The end-to-end implementation of IPS business processes is in full compliance with global IPS/PSA specifications such as the “ASD/AIA S-Series IPS Specifications”.

In addition, other national or industry-specific IPS/PSA specifications such as “US GEIA-STD-0007” are also supported in the context of data exchange and reporting.

In addition, the HICO PSA-Suite™ offers unique capabilities for the tailored and program-specific implementation of Integrated Product Support (IPS) or Integrated Life Cycle Support (ILS) requirements.

The end-to-end integration of the various IPS-disciplines is available in an one-stop solution for Integrated Product Support (IPS). This enables seamless integration of processes such as automated generation of Technical Publication components based on PSA-data without interfaces.

HICO’s After-Market Solutions for Integrated Product Support (IPS) or Integrated Lifecycle Support (ILS) focus on a wide spectrum of application domains. These relate in particular to Maintenance Processes, In-Service Support and support of those responsible for secure System Operation.

HICO After Market eXperience platform – more than just simple IETP-Viewers

The source for the provision of Technical Publications and other data packages, such as Maintenance Data Packages, is the HICO iPS.Suite® or the HICO TEDD-Solution Bundles.

The central IPS-Repository of the HICO iPS.Suite® or the Component Content Management System (CCMS) implemented in the TEDD-Solution Bundles manages the information relevant for end users. This includes Technical Data, Product Information, Technical Publications and Maintenance Data.

The HICO After Market eXperience platform “HICO AMaX™” ensures that these extensive and complex databases are made available in a simple form for defined multimedia channels.

The published data sets and IETP-Load Data packages can be processed by the various end-user systems.

The effective use by end users follows the Integrated Information Logistics paradigm and is thus sustainably improved.

The information relevant to the end user is ensured in the optimized user system in a need-based, timely and location-specific manner.

HICO iPS.Suite® is a fully comprehensive provider across all ELD disciplines.

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IPS-Management is the development and implementation of product support strategies to ensure that supportability is considered throughout the system lifecycle, from design to disposal.

The entire IPS-Management process is driven by balancing performance outcomes such as reliability, availability, maintainability and total cost of ownership reduction. The scope of product support management planning and execution includes enterprise-level integration of all twelve product support elements across the lifecycle, commensurate with the roles and responsibilities of the Product Support Manager (PSM) position created under Lifecycle Management and Product Support.

It covers solutions and services for the creation, management and review of PDF-books and Interactive Electronic Technical Documentation (IETD).

Historically, most classes of technical documentation lacked universal conformity (standards) for format, content and structure. To address this deficiency, standards are being developed through organizations such as the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), which publishes standards on the rules for preparing user guides, manuals, product specifications, etc. for technical product documentation.

These standards are covered by ICS 01.110. Interactive Electronic Technical Publications (IETPs) are technical manuals (such as maintenance, training, user or operating manuals), usually written in XML or SGML and designed with an interactive user interface and illustrations. IETPs used in HICO are XML specifications for preparing, managing and publishing technical information for a product.

Maintenance planning and management involves the development, implementation and management of maintenance requirements and concept as well as detailed procedures for a system. It involves identifying all resources and funding required to develop and implement the maintenance plan.

The objective of maintenance planning and management is to identify, plan, resource and implement maintenance concepts and requirements to ensure that the best possible equipment/capability is available when the customer needs it at the lowest possible Total Cost of Ownership.

Materials and Spare Parts Management for supply support, purchasing and material procurement should be an integrated component of Supply Chain Management (SCM).

Supply support consists of the management actions, procedures and techniques required to acquire, catalog, receive, store, transfer, issue and dispose of spare parts, repair parts and materials. Proper supply support management ensures that all the right spare parts, repair parts and all classes of materials are available in the right quantities, in the right place, at the right time and at the right price.

It is important to integrate the Engineering department into an overall IPS process and provide Engineering Supported services and tools for Security Analyses (Proof of Security and Reliability) and other analyses related to the supportability and maintainability of systems.

Design Interface deals with the design of user interfaces between humans and machines. To this end, the conditions, goals and barriers of this interaction are investigated from both human and technical perspectives and then – as far as possible – optimized for us humans. While designers deal in detail with the behavior and concept of a product during interaction design, interface design is concerned with the tangible design of an interface, not only visually. It is difficult to separate both disciplines, the boundaries are fluid because every interaction designer usually creates a graphical interface during the process. Typical areas of work for interface designers are software design, usability research, web design or product design.

With its tools, HICO effectively incorporates feedback back into the outputs, resulting in a higher quality final product.

HICO-solutions offers a modular approach to develop online learning material following the recommendations of the SCORM standard “Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Initative”.

The modular approach, which divides the project development into separate teams assigned to different modules, has facilitated focus, management and operations in the software development life cycle (SDLC). The Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) is a collection of standards and specifications for web-based electronic educational technology (also called e-learning). It defines the communication between client-side content and a host system, usually supported by a learning management system. SCORM is a specification of the United States Department of Defense’s Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Initiative. SCORM 2004 introduced a complex idea called sequencing, which is a set of rules that determine the order in which a learner can experience content objects. In simple terms, it restricts a learner to a fixed set of paths through the educational material, allows the learner to “bookmark” his or her progress while taking breaks, and ensures the acceptability of test scores obtained by the learner. The standard uses XML.