S1000D Document Projects

The production of technical documentation in accordance with the S1000D specification has been preferred worldwide for many years (it is mandatory in some European countries) and the production of documentation in accordance with this specification is becoming widespread in our country with an increasing momentum with the management and guidance of the relevant institutions. An S1000D document can be produced by the company that owns the system/product or by a service provider. While especially medium and large-sized companies with competent personnel and application tools prefer to produce S1000D technical documents themselves, small-sized companies that do not have sufficient personnel and appropriate tools and do not find it cost-effective to invest in additional personnel and tools may prefer to receive services from a specialized company for the production of S1000D technical documentation.

BİLTEN Bilişim, with its long years of knowledge, expert staff and qualified tools (HICO S1000D Suite), provides both the companies that want to gain the capability within their own organization for the production of S1000D technical documentation and provides S1000D technical documentation production services to companies that do not prefer to invest in this field.

An S1000D document project can be realized by utilizing source documents such as existing system design documents, engineering data, etc. or by converting documents that are not in S1000D format (Legacy Data Conversion). BİLTEN Bilişim provides S1000D document production services in both ways.
An S1000D document project starts with examining the source documents and deciding the business rules, continues with the creation of data modules and finally ends with the production of the output (xml, pdf, IETM).

In order to benefit from the advantages offered by S1000D, it is important to have software tools suitable for the use of common source database (CSDB) for the production of cost-effective, high quality, fast-produced and easily revisable technical documents and Integrated Logistics Support staff who are familiar with the S1000D specification.

BİLTEN Bilişim has been producing technical documentation with various application tools since 2016. Since 2023, it has preferred S1000D technical document production with HICO S1000D Suite, the best in its class worldwide, which has increased its effectiveness even higher.