Logistics Support Analysis (LSA)

Logistics Support Analysis (LSA), which is created to ensure product supportability, is a critical element of Integrated Logistics Support (ILS). LSA describes the analysis method with a holistic approach by taking into account all factors related to the product life cycle and supportability, and also describes the storage of LSA records (LSAR) produced within the scope of the analysis in a relational database.

BİLTEN offers LSA services with its experienced staff who have taken part in the LSA team of important defense projects and have undertaken the management of these teams.

  • The basis of our LSA experience is based on “MIL-STD-1388/1A Logistics Support Analysis” and “MIL-STD-1388/2B DoD Requirements for a Logistic Support Analysis Record”, which are the ancestors of LSA standards and form the basis of the relevant standards used today.
  • We also conduct analysis studies within the scope of “S3000L International Procedure Specification for Logistic Support Analysis”, which is widely used today, and we provide the supply and support of HICO PSA Suite, a powerful software tool for S3000L.