HICO S1000D Suite

HICO S1000D Suite is the S1000D technical documentation package of the HICO IPS Suite. It has all the tools for managing, authoring and publishing S1000D compliant technical documentation projects.

Full Compliance with S1000D Specification

  • Technical document production fully compatible with S1000D v2.3-v5.0.

HICO S1000D Suite Project Management

  • Three-tier client/server architecture supporting unlimited user and project sizes.
  • User, user groups, roles definition, authorization, advanced permission and access control in S1000D projects.
  • Project rules creation and reuse.

Business Process Definition

  • Defining work steps by associating them with responsible personnel.

Business Process Tracking

  • Tracking work at the data module level with support for organizing business processes specific to each project.
  • Tracking work on the basis of responsible personnel.
  • Tracking and graphical representation of work at the project level.

Common Source Database (CSDB)

  • Easy access and reuse by storing created objects in CSDB.
  • Creating and using an Integrated Repository Library (CIR).


  • XML Schema/DTD validation.
  • Schematron validation.
  • X-Path usage.
  • XSLT generation.

Import and Export

  • Import and export in common file and image formats such as XML, excel, word, pdf, svg, png, zip, etc.


  • Advanced review and quality control tools for the client (X-Content Suite)

Report Generation

  • Creating reports for images, references, etc. used in the data module.

Tagless Writing

  • Tagless authoring editor (Oxygen Author).
  • Integrated authoring editor with additional application-specific capabilities.

Working with common file and visual formats

  • Working with common visual formats.
    Browse documents, video, images, word, excel, pdf, compressed files, etc.


  • Easy Hotspot creation (Cortana 2D etc.)

Language Options

  • Multi-language support for content.

Adding Notes

  • Adding notes to data modules and tracking notes.

Publication Preview

  • Preview capability.

Automated Data Modules for Publication

  • Create auto-generated data modules (table of contents, figures, tables, list of active data modules, etc.).

Advanced Publishing Tool

  • Custom cover page design (X-Publisher Designer)
  • Custom Style sheet creation and editing.
  • Custom header and footer editing.
    Editing fonts.

Business Rules

  • Creating a business rules exchange (BREX) data module.
  • Validation of business rules.

Data Library

  • Creating a library for all objects to be used such as data modules, images, etc.

Data Package

  • Packaging objects specific to each white paper.
  • Customized infrastructure for the publication module.

Structured Lists

  • Edit and import product breakdown, Data Module codes, data module types, infocodes and publication outline in external Excel files.
  • Edit ICN information of images/drawings in external Excel files and import them into the application.

Material Management

  • Support for S2000M material management core processes.
  • Definition of consumables, expendables, spare materials and support tools according to standards.
  • Defining the parts list.

Automatic Updating of Data Modules

  • Automatic updating of all related data modules when there is a change in material information.


  • Advanced filtered object search within the app

Spring Variant Options

  • Creating a customizable (content, language, etc.) publishing module.

Creating a Book Outline

  • Easy technical publication outline creation.

Output Import

  • Xml, pdf and html (IETM) output.

Automatic Illustrated Parts Catalog Production

  • Automatic 2D-3D Illustrated Parts Catalog generation when complete material information is defined.

Adding Multimedia and Legacy Data to IETMs

  • Add video
  • Attach files in common formats such as doc(x), excel, ppt(x), pdf, zip, etc.

Technical Publication Display

  • Viewing with common browsers (Chrome, edge, etc.).
  • Storage and display of IETM packages with an independent and free viewer (X-Browser)
  • Display on Android, iOS, tablets and phones.


  • HICO IPS Suite provides a complete one-stop solution for all S-Series Integrated Logistics Support Specifications (Technical Documentation, Materials Management, Logistics Support Analysis, Preventive and Preventive Maintenance, Life Cycle Feedback, Training Planning (SCORM)).
  • Layered and post-integrated software packages, (HICO S1000D Suite for S1000D, HICO PSA Suite for S2000M, S3000L and S4000P, etc.)
  • Integration with Enterprise Resource Planning (SAP, TeamCenter, WindChill, etc.) and Life Cycle Management Systems.